My name is Balazs Somorjai; I graduated as a photojournalist at the Budapest Metropolitan University. Although I have been using cameras since I was a teenager and have been working as a journalist since the beginning of the 2000s, the hobby and the profession only met at the age of 30. In my thesis – whose consultant was Peter Korniss, the Kossuth Prize winner photographer – I dealt with people who have transformed their bodies to reach self-completion: a young girl, who has her body suspended with hooks in her skin, a young man who has tattooed his own eyeballs and a man who used to be a woman, but is now a happy husband.

I strongly believe that photojournalists are eyes on the world. Our pictures can transform from news to a message from one moment to another, therefore we have common responsibility for showing reality. Through my series I’m trying to to show the social groups which live near us, rather than with us, so we hardly or not in the least know them.